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I don’t make parody videos, because I’m not twelve years old. But I made one for —>this<— video because I kind of am twelve years old; and because a comedian I have a ton of respect for named Ari Shaffir made one on his YouTube channel. It’s silly, and you’re silly for watching it.

A YouTube video by Vicious516 that outlines both the importance of dressing up the cats, and the severe consequences that come with not dressing up the cats. Enjoy!

Goddammit, Congress 

http://keepthewebopen.com/sopa I’m watching a live feed of representatives discussing the SOPA bill. I want to vomit. The insane unprofessionalism, the misinformation, the unabashed dancing around actual talking points (to the point that the bill hasn’t even been mentioned by name yet), the fact that they’re talking about expediting the bill simply so that they can ‘get home for Christmas’, the fact that state representatives who have voiced real concerns like, ‘We have to read this bill before we pass it,’ have been legitimately laughed at, the fact that Sheila Jackson Lee was allowed to show up and open her mouth. Oh, look, Sheila Jackson Lee just unprofessionally called out a congressman for not showing up and tangentially called him ‘offensive’ for writing a sarcastic Tweet about the SOPA hearings. And now they’ve spent fifteen minutes trying to get her to strike the word ‘offensive’ from the record. And now she’s requesting to speak to a parliamentarian because she doesn’t feel like taking back something she’s said. Now it’s been twenty minutes. Now they’ve cut off the audio while they try to reason with her. If you’ve ever wanted to see how little our representatives and lawmakers care about the laws they pass, give this a watch. They seem to be talking about everything aside from the actual contents of the bill. I want to vomit. And Representative Sanchez just made a brilliant Freudian slip, saying that the bill would be good for ‘reducing privacy’, and then quickly correcting himself by saying ‘reducing piracy’. He also referred to someone at the hearing as ‘an IT-type person for the internet’. Can’t make this shit up. Okay, thirty more minutes have gone by, they let Sheila Jackson Lee talk again, and now she’s wasting time by arguing the semantics of the word ‘offensive’. I’m going to stop watching this for a bit, because I’m going to vomit. I’m going to vomit, and it’s going to be all over the place.

Here’s a vlog I made to take a break from studying. I’m relatively new to vlogging, but I tried to be as insightful and energetic as possible. It’s about parents getting their children prescribed ADD medication, so if that’s something you’re interested in then give it a watch!

Here’s female comic genius Maria Bamford expertly imitating every awful female comedian who’s ever lived.

This is Michael Winslow (the beatbox dude from Police Academy), who I actually think is a terrible comedian; but you ought to look him up for his tremendous amount of musical ability. He’s never made me laugh, but he does make me pee a little every time he makes a noise, so I figured I’d share this video with you people.

Every death in the comedy scene is a horrible loss, and Patrice O’Neal definitely wasn’t an exception. His delivery was smooth, confident, and to the point; something that every showman aspires to. So if you’re into stand-up, give him a listen, and if you’re not then he’d definitely be a worthy introduction to the artform.

This is Godfrey, and he’s hilarious. If you haven’t heard of him then shame on you, educate yourself, stop being a dick. He’s been making the rounds with greats like Colin Quinn, Bill Cosby, and Louis CK for years now; and he was also one of the voices for the cockroaches in Joe’s Apartment. This clip might have shitty sound quality, but the dude was in Zoolander, so stop being a dick, educate yourself.

It’s occurred to me that black comedians are severely underrepresented on my blog; so for the next few hours I’ll be posting some of my favorite black comics. 

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Neil Hamburger is one of the best character driven stand-ups out there, he’s one of the greatest anti-comics who’s ever lived, he’s all over the place, and yet you probably don’t know him. He was one of the first comedians to start showcasing material at music venues, which has since been adopted by ‘indie’ comics like Patton Oswalt, Brain Posehn, and all those Comedians of Comedy ironic indie hipster fucks—so you Tumblr-ites should eat this shit up. Enjoy!